Ex. 2. Match the word with the appropriate definition.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Ex. 2. Match the word with the appropriate definition.

Exchange, driving license, distribution, bar code, technology, telematics.

1. the application of practical sciences to industry or commerce.

2. the division of the total income of a community among its members, esp. between labour incomes (wages and salaries) and property incomes (rents, interest, and dividends).

3. to transfer or hand over (goods) in return for the equivalent value in kind rather than in money; barter; trade.

4. a machine-readable arrangement of numbers and parallel lines of different widths printed on a package, which can be electronically scanned at a checkout to register the price of the goods and to activate computer stock-checking and reordering.

5. the branch of science concerned with the use of technological devices to transmit information over long distances.

6. an official document or certificate authorizing a person to drive a motor vehicle.


Ex. 3. Match English and Russian equivalents.

1. braking habits  
  1. on-board computer
  1. renewable energy sources
  1. vehicle spacing
  2. repair shop
  3. financial settlement
  4. optimal routing
  5. heat engine
  6. fleet maintenance
  7. hydrogen fuel cells
  8. onboard driving aids
  9. prevention measures
  10. impact resistance
  11. improved road holding
  12. slippery surface
  13. warning system
  14. smart protection device
  15. tailored protection
  16. to wear seatbelts
    1. финансовое регулирование
    2. ударопрочность
    3. оптимальная маршрутизация
    4. профилактические меры
    5. ремонтная мастерская
    6. стиль вождения
    7. возобновляемые источники энергии
    8. пристегнуть ремни безопасности
    9. расстояние между автомобилями
    10. бортовой компьютер
    11. тепловой двигатель
    12. обслуживание парка
    13. система предупреждения
    14. интеллектуальное устройство защиты
    15. водородные топливные элементы
    16. бортовые вспомогательные средства вождения
    17. специализированная защита
    18. скользкая поверхность
    19. улучшенное содержание дороги


Ex. 4. Read the text and find answers for the questions after the text.

Information Technologies

Information technology (IT) is process and “act upon” information at the right time and place, makes greater market intelligence possible. IT is instrumental in supporting the basic internal and inter-company transactions associated with distribution, transport and related services: preparation of the logistics process; planning of the process; operations and control; financial settlement; fleet maintenance and mornitoring.

The benefits of all information technology innovations in road freight operations result from improved, real-time electronic exchange of data and information. Information technology innovations enable or will require the electronic exchange of data and information concerning:

  • cargo, vehicle and driver identification and status;
  • vehicle location;
  • current traffic conditions;
  • optimal routing, taking into consideration the availability of loads and appropriate equipment to move them, traffic and weather conditions, the nature of the cargo being transported, using routing algorithms or "artificial intelligence" (so-called "real-time routing”);
  • optimal routing of cargo (package or whole shipments);
  • optimal routing o f load units (trailers, containers, swap bodies, etc).

Here are the main innovations in information technology:

1. Automatic vehicle identification: transmits vehicle information (identification, size and weight, vehicle type or class);

2. Bar coding: provides product and picking information (identification. size and weight, origin and destination);

3. Electronic data interchange: transmits business data and provides electronic business documentation (purchase order; bill of lading; packing slip; invoice; electronic funds transfer);

4. In-vehicle navigation systems: provides driver with information (highway and traffic conditions; location (of vehicle, destination, etc.); alternate routes; automatic vehicle spacing);

5. On-board computer (mobile IT): monitors vehicle and driver behavior (vehicle speed; engine idle time; engine oil temperature and pressure; vehicle stop time and distance; driver's braking habits);

6. Two-way communication systems: exchange messages between a dispatcher and a driver (trip and shipment information; location (of vehicle, destination, etc.) including location of maintenance and repair shops).

Technological innovation provides an excellent opportunity to integrate the transport modes, optimise their performance, make them safer and help make the transport system compatible with sustainable transport development.

I. What is 'information technology"?

2. What do information technology innovations enable?

3. What are the main innovations in information technology?

4. What does technological innovation provide?

Ex.5. Analyze the table below and discuss advantages and disadvantages of the mentioned features.

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