Ex. 8. Choose the right variant for each word combination.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Ex. 8. Choose the right variant for each word combination.

  1. available inventory 2. book inventory 3. finished good inventory 4. lot-size inventory 5. replenishment of inventories 6. projected inventory turnover rate 7. supply inventory 8. taking inventory 9. target inventory level 10. Seasonal inventory 11. in-transit inventory 12. Inventory and valuation policy   13. inventory balance 14. inventory carrying charge rate 15. inventory carrying сosts   a. сезонный запас b. запасы в пути (на момент учета находящиеся в процессе перевозки) с. максимальный запас (сумма теку- щих,подготовительных,страхового запасов, при превышении которых образуются излишки) d. уровень запасов e. запас вспомогательных материалов f. запасы готовой продукции g. наличные запасы h) затраты на формирование и хранение i. прогнозируемый коэффициент запасов оборачиваемости запасов j. восстановление уровня запасов k. инвентарный учет товарно-материальных запасов) l. страховой полис с описью и оценкой m. текущие запасы n. стоимость хранения запасов o. проведение инвентаризации  


Ex.9. Translate the following sentences into Russian. Mind the use of the Infinitive.

1. In order to respond to random orders from customers and to stabilize the production process, inventories are maintained at sections of the production process. 2. Ability to communicate almost instantaneously, large amounts of information and data to suppliers, customers and transport providers has allowed firms to operate with increased efficiency.3. It is critical to predict how a particular shift in logistics will affect the demand for transport production will affect the infrastructure system. 4. To keep costs down and avoid an increase in the number of trucks on the roads, shipments must be consolidated. 5. For the European economy to operate as a single market there has to be presence of commo0n transport policy.

6. The purpose of the cooperation is to make it possible to support research and development activities on the road traffic noise of common interest to the two parties. 7. To protect their own market share the national companies will not complete with other smaller and regional companies.


Ex.10. Give the main points of the text in 4-7 sentences. Use the following clichés:

The text is about….. . It is shown that … . In the opinion of the author it is … . Of special interest is his argument that … . The author concludes by saying that … .

Ex. 11. Translate the following text into Russian. Use the dictionary if necessary.

Multimodal transport is one of the highly effective and modern ways of facilitating movement of imports and exports. It is a transport logistic system based on new transport technology that ensures fast and safe movement of goods at least costs.

Facilitation of trade and transport sectors calls for procedural, legal and institutional reforms to simplify, standardize and harmonise procedures and documentation that will help to achieve movement of goods at a minimum cost and time. This covers a wide spectrum of activities including human resource development, physical infrastructures, and the use of new transport and information technologies.

The definition given by the United Nations Convention on International Multimodal Transport of Goods of 1980 has clearly identified four basic characteristics of multimodal transport such as the use at least two modes of transport, transfer of goods between two countries, issuance of a transport contract and the performance by a multimodal transport contractor taking in charge of whole movement of cargo.

Ex.12. Match the following modal shifts with the right picture.

  1. Ship to lorry. 3. Train to lorry
  2. Lorry to warehouse. 4. Airplane to lorry.






Ex. 1. Mind the words

Depot - база, депо

To perform – выполнять, исполнять

To charge/to load – загружать

To discharge/to unload – разгружать

Forwarding services – экспедиторские услуги

Autoloader – автопогрузчик

Workshop – мастерская

Technical maintenance – техническое обслуживание

To implement/to accomplish – осуществлять

Guidance – руководство

Adherence – соблюдение

To submit to – подчиняться

Middle way – среднемагистральный

High way – магистральный

To improve – улучшать, совершенствовать


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